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Louis Poulsen New In!

9 September 2016 Permalink

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has released their newest collections for 2016 and we love them all.

The Mini Panthella Table

Louis Poulsen

The Mini Panthella Table is a new smaller version of the iconic Panthella Table designed by Verner Panton in 1971. The new design has a diameter of 25cm, scaled down from the standard 40cm size.

Verner Panton (1926-1998) is famous for his colourful personality and his unique sense for colour, shape, light function and space rd 40cm size.

The colours of the table lamp are taken from the last exhibition he was working on before his death in 1998: 'Lyset og Farven' ('Light and Colour') hosted at Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.  The exhibition was eight rooms each with different colours where the furniture, light fittings and fabrics were all designed in the same shade.

The Mini Panthella Table features a painted metal shade and is available in eight eye-catching colours; Yellow, Orange, Violet, Red, Pink, Blue, two shades of Green as well as White, Opal Acrylic and Black. The Mini Panthella Table features three light intensities and the latest integrated LED technology.  The metal shade directs the light directly downwards and creates a soft and comfortable illumination reflecting off the trumpet shaped stem.

NJP Wall & Floor

Louis Poulsen

The NJP Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen quickly became a success when it was launched last year. This year they have followed in its success and added a new floor and two wall-mounted versions.

The NJP family is designed by Oki Sato and features two light intensities: one for directed work lighting and one for dimmed, ambient lighting suited for a lounge or bedroom.

The lamps are fitted with an LED light source which is positioned high as to avoid a dazzling light and should you forget to switch the light off, it switches off itself saving both money and energy.

The NJP collection was designed with the principle of keeping things simple and to resemble the classic Anglepoise lamp, yet boast new functions intended to make it easily adjustable for work or relaxation.

Rasmus Markholt, Design Manager at Louis Poulsen said “The world is changing every day, as is the way we lay out our assignments and our workstations today. This weighed heavily in the design of the lamp. I would say that we have succeeded spectacularly in creating a modern version of the anglepoise lamp thanks to Oki Sato’s minimalist, elegant design, combined with the technological finesses and functions of the lamp itself,”.


Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has re-launched the lamp which was originally designed for the Radiohuset building in Copenghagen. The new series of lamps under the name of VL38 features a table, wall and floor version. The VL38 family features a lamp head which is organically shaped and painted white with the arms of the light fittings made of brass, and fitted with an LED light source.

Rasmus Markholt, Design Manager at Louis Poulsen says “From the perspective of design, the VL38 family is related to the chandeliers Vilhelm Lauritzen created for Radiohuset. It is an extremely simple, function and elegant series of lights, and the combination of white and brass is both beautiful and timeless. The shape of the lamp head directs the light downwards, so it always provides pleasant, non-dazzling illumination. All the lamp models are typical examples of Vilhelm Lauritzen’s approach to a modern and functional design idiom that also distinguishes his architecture”.

Demand for the original lamp proves that Vilhelm Lauritzen’s lamps never go out of fashion.


Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is re-launching another original design, the Radiohus Pendant from the 1940’s. Again this light was originally designed for the Radiohuset building in Copenhagen. The Original Pendant was Louis Poulsen’s best-selling lamp when it was first launched 80 years ago and has become a cherished design, one which is still in great demand. The lamp has been renamed the VL45 Radiohus Pendant and will be available with two different diameters; 25cm and 37cm. The VL45 Pendant consists of three layers of mouth-blown glass and accommodates modern advances in light technology, accommodating an LED light source.

 “The historical ties between the Radiohus Pendant and the building for which it was created are clearly reflected in the design and the light-technology properties of the light itself. It was originally used for general illumination in many parts of the Radiohuset building. And with its powerful downwards light combined with gentler illumination via the opal glass – which generate softer tones in the room – it is simply ideal for illuminating both everyday objects and more decorative items” says Rasmus Markholt, Design Manager at Louis Poulsen.

Patera 45

Louis Poulsen

The Patera 45 Pendant is a new smaller version of the original design, a creative result of the relationship between Louis poulsen and Øivind Slaatto. The Original pendant was launched last year and became an instant success with is organic shape and beautiful structure. The Patera Pendant is now available in its standard 60cm size as well as the new smaller 45cm version which are both available in E27 and LED versions.

No matter what angle you view the patera, it is a attractive, decorative globe of light which streams out gently in all directions.  Design Manager at Louis Poulsen, Rasmus Markholt highlights the ease of placing the light as one of the reasons to it popularity.

“At first glance, it appears to be nothing but a white, perforated ball, but closer inspection reveals its detailed design, which features a host of circles, angles and holes. Øivind Slaatto has created a pattern that is exciting and enchanting to look at, because it is mathematical, natural and poetic all at once,” adds Rasmus Markholt.

It is intended to serve as a modern chandelier, a lamp that ties the space together making the room more welcoming and accommodating.

To view the whole Louis Poulsen range click here!

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Marset New In 2016

26 August 2016 Permalink



Marset Lighting is about more than just lamps, they seek to produce innovative and clever designs which are both refined and contemporary. They dedicate their time and effort to create first-class designs which create atmospheres with character and ensuring the flawless completion of each product.

Marset have released their 2016 collections and below we introduce them to you!

Theia Table & Floor


The Theia collection is named after the Greek Goddess – mother of the sun, the moon and the dawn. Theia has two faces which change simply by swivelling the fixture around.  The design by Mathias Hahn can be pointed toward you for use as a reading lamp or towards a wall or object, creating a subtle, indirect light which immediately warms the atmosphere. Because Theia’s metal lampshade is totally opaque, the swivelling movement totally shifts the perception of the lamp. The design is created with two half-spheres, one placed horizontally and the other vertically, these elements make it possible for the light to be simultaneously projected, reflected and absorbed by objects creating a visual to enjoy. The Theia collection has also recently been awarded the NYCxDesign award presented by Interior Design magazine and ICFF. The awards celebrate outstanding talent across major areas of design such as architecture, interiors, furnishings, lighting, and technology.

Aura Wall Light


The Aura wall light was inspired by traditional carafes which were common household items for years. This decorative lamp provides outstanding light while turned on but stands out beautifully while off. A humble glass carafe imprinted on the eye of its designer was the start of the design process. Both a rational and contemporary design the Aura uses LED technology to achieve efficiency and subtlety. The wall lamp comes with opalescent, transparent or coloured glass which allows the light to bathe the wall and create a luminous effect without harshness.

Soho 38 LED


The Soho collection has grown with Marset adding a new smaller version of the pendant, ceiling and floor Lamp in both interior and exterior. The Soho lamp is presented as a statement piece is recognition of the lamps traditionally used in markets, tavern and cafeterias. Whereas before the collection was available in either a diameter of 57cm or 112cm it is now also available in a small size measuring 38cm in diameter.  The new smaller size makes it more appropriate for smaller spaces and increases the overall versatility of the fixture.  The existing colour range—black, grey and translucent white—is now joined by two new tones: sand and sky blue.

Pleat Box now available in LED


The Pleat Box is the result of the first collaboration between Xavier Mañosa, a master ceramist from Barcelona, the mashallah design studio in Berlin, and Marset. The inspiration behind the Pleat Box suspension is the sophisticated combination between a digitally designed crease in a piece of cloth and a silhouette that is applied to a ceramic base. The interior of the shade is available in either brilliant white enamel, which enhances the luminous light or, 24K gold, which generates an extremely warm light.

Concentric Wall Light


The Concentric wall light is visually striking both on or off however, when turned on in the dark is when it becomes its most impressive and dynamic. The way the light vibrates when you view it creates an almost hypnotic effect. The design is inspired by the sunlight which enters through the window of an aeroplane reflecting vibrant colours onto the passengers clothing.  The Concentric collection is based on an artistic endeavour to highlight this interaction between light and the reflection of colour, as each white circular panel has a different colour on its back. The collection comes in three different sizes and three different colour combinations: the Corona model with neon colours, the Major model with warm colours, and the Minor model with cool colours.

Ginger Collection


This year Marset have added to their Ginger collection with a new, smaller suspension lamp, a portable table lamp, another version of the wall lamp with a moveable arm, and three different sizes of flush-mount wall lamps. The collection is created from wood; a material which is hard to mould. The combination of sheets of wood, paper and resins pressed together under high pressure achieve a laminate which appears almost entirely flat. The new smaller suspension with a diameter of 20cm is ideal for areas that need a smaller focus point of light and the wall version is perfect for lighting up beside a bed. Thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery the new portable table version allows spaces to be independently lit with no need for wires. The interior of the shade is available in not just white but in an oak and wenge finish, creating different shades of light.

View all of Marset’s Collections by clicking Here!

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