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Popular from the new Tom Dixon Accessories & Gifts range!

17 February 2015 Permalink

Tom Dixon popular gifts and accessoriesThis month saw the release of the Tom Dixon Accessories and Gifts range on our website, featuring home ware, kitchen ware, decorative items and home scents. The collection is commonly made from precious materials, such as brass, copper and marble, creating stylish items of extreme luxury. Here are some of the popular items of the collection so far:

(From Left to Right)

- Form Milk Jug - Form Sugar Bowl and Spoon - Form Teapot

- Bash Bowls - Bone Bowl - Stone Chopping Board

- Hex Champagne Bucket - Plum Tongs - Plum Cocktail Shaker - Spun Vases

To find your own favourites browse our new collection or see our inspiring mood boards on Pinterest.

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