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5 October 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting


New Marset Online

Follow Me Plus


Three years ago Inma Bermúdez designed the original Follow Me and now Marset have launched a new version in a larger size and a greater light output; Follow Me Plus.

The Follow Me Plus is a beautiful portable lamp which creates a great atmosphere and can work as a table, desk or even floor light. 

The design features an oak handle which invites you to carry it with you.

A three-position dimmer regulates the light intensity, allowing for a continuous output of between 5 to 20 hours, and the micro USB charging cable makes charging your FollowMe Plus quick and easy.

Click here to view the Follow Me Plus!



The brand new Bicoca table is designed by Christophe Mathieu. This new colourful, lightweight portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces.

Made of polycarbonate, Bicoca begins with an overlay of basic geometric figures, with a tiltable shade to direct the light.

There also three separate accessories which increase the versatility of the lamp. A powerful magnet can be affixed to the bottom of the fixture, allowing you to attach it to metal surfaces -even vertical walls- defying gravity. An armchair accessory drapes over armrests, sofa backs, or headboards, so you can bring your Bicoca to all your personal reading spaces. You can also get a metallic disc accessory which hides discreetly beneath a tablecloth, securing your Bicoca to your table.

The design is available in a wide range of shade and has one perfect for any space.

Click here to view the Bicoca!



Like the echo of a drum, the Djembé collection is designed for repetition, creating musical compositions of light on the ceiling. The new collection is designed by Joan Gaspar who wanted to design a fixture with a vastly different interior to exterior. 

The bell-shaped exterior recalls the texture of a stone while the interior is a smooth white space which perfectly reflects the light.

Djembé is available in a number sizes and bright colours that can be used individually or combined to create a brilliant statement piece. A separate accessory allows for the installation of sound-proofing panels.

Click here to view the Djembé collection!



Designed by Christophe Mathieu the Piola collection represents the search for a balance between the diffusion of light and the creation of shadows.

The central metal column holds more than 5 metres of spiralling, laminated banding which protects the light creating a comforting feel.

Several different types of light coexist; direct downward light, indirect reflected light, and a light that sneaks between the edges of the spiral, illuminating the fixture itself with a warm, homey glow.

The Piola is available in four colours, with the structure and screen always in the same colour.

Click here to view the Piola collection!



The new Pu-erh pendant collection uses ceramics as to create a delicate, fabric-like effect. The name Pu-erh is inspired from a variety of fermented tea produced in the Yunnan province, china, which is named after the town of Pu'er.

Designer and ceramist Xavier Mañosa has created a texture, evoking pleated silk, which is then applied to a conical shade, casting a wide and beautiful ray of illumination.

The Pu-reh began with a rough hand drawn sketch which then was applied directly to the ceramic mould creating a lamp with irregular variations and a raw, natural effect. The craftsman barely intervenes, letting the lamp take shape naturally within the mould.

This new collection of suspension lamps is available in three sizes—21, 32, and 42cm—and available in black, white, blue, burgundy and pink.

Click here to view the Pu-erh collection!

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