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27 September 2016 Permalink

How to: Scandinavian Chic with Muuto

A trend that has taken the interior design scene by storm: Scandinavian living. Minimal designs, uncomplicated aesthetics and completely functional, there is no wonder why the world has fallen in love with the ways of the far north.
One brand offering the complete Nordic lifestyle is Muuto, comprising of lighting, furniture and accessories. Here is how to incorporate Scandinavian chic into your own home:

Create a cosy corner.

Muuto lifestyle  Muuto lifestyle

Soft fabrics, comfy pillows, side tables and functional lighting. These components make up the ideal space to recharge your batteries and indulge in a moment to one’s self.

Social dining.

Muuto lifestyle fluid  Muuto lifestyle Studio

A large part of the Scandinavian lifestyle is to live socially, whether that is sharing a meal or memories over drinks. Open spaces for kitchen and dining areas are popular to allow everyone to partake in the experience. Generous tables, plentiful chairs and dining accessories all help to make each gathering a social event to remember.

Personalised storage.

Muuto lifestyle  Muuto lifestyle Stacked

Unique storage systems designed by you, to fit your own requirements and tailored to your needs. Personalised storage helps tidy your space stylishly, displaying items that express your personality and add interest to your home. Muuto provide alternatives to standard storage solutions, giving homeowners and interior designers the chance to create a display worthy of being the main feature.

Check out Muuto for the ultimate selection in Scandinavian living.


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