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10 July 2017 Permalink

David Village Lighting


David Village Lighting           David Village Lighting             David Village Lighting

In 1987, exactly 30 years ago, designer and architect Michele De Lucchi created the Tolomeo lamp which has gone on to be one of Artemide’s most popular designs. This classic design is outstandingly successful across the world bringing good lighting and good taste together. The Tolomeo has become a timeless classic for Artemide and one that they have continued to develop whilst keeping its quality and design unchanged.


(The venue for the celebration; Architektursalon, Hamburg)

To celebrate 30 years of the Tolomeo, Artemide are holding a celebration in Hamburg hosted by Michele De Lucchi and the Artemide team.

Below is a selection of some of our favourite Tolomeos!


1. Faretto   2. Due Bracci    3. Pinza   4. Parete   5. Mega Floor

6. Mega Suspension    7. Lettura    8. Tavolo Classic  9. Tavlo Micro

Click here to view the Artemide Tolomeo range!

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David Village Lighting

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