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Bestlite from David Village Lighting

Bestlite, The famous table lamp, was designed in 1930 by English designer Robert Dudley Best and has been in continuous production ever since in the Bestlite Company. Best was influenced by the Bauhaus school in Germany which merged practical crafts with the fine arts. The Bestlite lamp proved to be a great success and was proclaimed the first Bauhaus manifestation in the UK by leading British Publictaion Architects Journal. During WWII Bestlite achieved the status of a national icon when Winston Churchill had one standing on his desk.  Bestlite is held in permanent collections at both the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London. Loved by architects and designers throughout its 80-year history, today, Bestlite enjoys global iconic status.

Each with its own BL Code the Bestlite range is a family of Design Classics.









Our top Bestlite picks

Bestlite Chrome BL3 Floor - Medium Black
Bestlite Black Brass BL5 Wall - Black Brass
Bestlite BL1: Brass & Grey
Bestlite BL2: Chrome & Matt White
Bestlite Pendant BL9S: Chrome & Black